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Kids & Adult Class Details

Kid's Classes

Students can enroll any time of the year. ​The goal of our classes is to teach the basics of sewing and then let the child explore his or her creative side. When your child reaches level three and four, he/she learns to be more innovative and creative.

Some of the hardest skills for our students to achieve are learning how to think outside the box, to get innovative and figure out how to accurately make something themselves from start to finish. These are the skills that we will help them with in our classes. Sewing is considered a life skill in many ways.

Students must finish a level before moving on to the next level. Students will sew at their own pace. Most of them finish a level in about a year.

Our Sewing Classes are 1 hour per week and runs September – May and Wednesdays in Summer. You can register any time of the year.

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Level One Beginners Pajama Party

First, kids begin by learning how to use a sewing machine and gradually understand terms involved sewing. Students use cotton and non-stretch fabrics and make clothing items to sleep in.

Level Two Returning Students Stretch Patterns

Students use a sewing machine, serger and stretch fabrics to make some trendy wearable clothes.

Level Three Sewing Class

This class is for students that finished our Level 1 and Level 2. You will need to start in September to get the most out of the class. Students learn to make patterns, drape, design and sew their own creations. In May all students and all of our customers will vote on their designs and the winner will get a big prize.

Level Four Sewing Class

This class is for students that finished our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Students need to bring used items to redesign into something new. Students need to be creative and will learn to think about the order of putting things together. *This is all about having fun with designing, as with any designing sometimes things don't turn out perfect. Student will learn from mistakes too.

Summer Sewing Camp

We offer five-hour summer camps. Children are dropped off by parents at 10:30 am and stay till 3:30 pm to make a project in a day. You can pack a lunch for your child or purchase a lunch next door at 7 Eleven. Classes are limited to 6 or 8 students per class and fill fast, so sign up soon with your friends.

Session Specifications

  • 6/8 students per session.

  • 2/3 teachers per session.

  • Speed controlled Brother Project Runway Sewing Machines.

  • One machine for each child.

  • One cutting and pinning area per child.

  • Air-conditioned.

  • Choose the theme week, choose the day or days, choose what project they want to make those days.

Every day is a new project and we have projects for all levels of sewing.

Sign Up For One Day or More

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Adult Classes

All classes are held in our Medford store. You need registration and payment to hold your spot in a class. We offer online registration and payments as well for your comfort.

New Sip 'n Sew- Group/Party

Come join us for our new BYOB Sip n' Sew! Here, you learn to use a sewing machine and make a wine bag. Students can learn to thread a machine, wind a bobbin, use seam guides to sew a straight seam and make a buttonhole. We use our Brother Project Runway Machines with speed control to make you feel comfortable. Groups can bring their own drinks (wine), snacks, napkins, etc.

Timings: 7:00 - 9:00 - Friday or Saturday evening

Learn My Machine: How to Use a Sewing Machine?

You can use our or your machine. Learn how to operate and sew on a sewing machine. The mechanics of the machine will be identified, discussed and demonstrated, which includes threading, bobbin, needles, threads, width and length, accessories. If you are bringing your machine, bring your manual, foot control, bobbins and any accessories. There are only four students per class. 

  • If you recently bought the machine from us your class is free (call us to schedule your class)

Timings: 10:30 - 12:30 - Basic Sewing Machine Lesson

Learn My Embroidery Machine: How to Learn Basics of Machine Embroidery?

This class is for machines that use a USB. Bring your own embroidery machine and learn various things.

  • If you recently bought the machine from us your class is free (call us to schedule your class)
  • Stabilizers.

  • Embroidery thread.

  • Use and upload designs into your machine.

  • Sizing and moving designs.

  • Adding a design.

  • Basic maintenance on your machine.

Timings: 10:30 - 12:30 - Basic Machine Embroidery.

Girl Scouts and Birthday Parties
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